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My name is Michael Frank and I am the founder of Leaned By Me and the organizer of the Sports and Tech Meetup. These thoughts are my own!

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I am increasingly seeing startups in competitive consumer tech markets adopt Amazon Prime-like programs where you pay a membership fee for some type of discount. Instacart (grocery deliveries) and Munchery (meal delivery) are two recent examples. Such loyalty inducing programs make sense as ways of achieving customer lock in competitive markets where switching (or alternating) costs are low. I would expect we will see more Amazon Prime or frequent flyer type loyalty programs in these types of markets.

Highly competitive low-switching cost markets I would expect to see these programs in soon include on-demand rides, last mile delivery, and maybe even on-demand physical storage, or used women’s clothing marketplaces. We will see!

Panel I moderated about Investing in Sports Tech Ventures. It featured a number of VCs, an entrepreur (Fantex), and an owner of the 49ers and Celtics. It was a lot of fun!

Panel I moderated about Innovation in Sports Ticketing featuring great panelists from StubHub, Liftopia, and Stanford Athletics!

Panel I moderated about “The Future of Sports TV and Video”

Panel I moderated about The Future of Sports Technology for The Recreational Athlete!

Sports and Tech panel I moderated about “The Intersection of Sports and Analytics.” The panelists included a venture capitalist who specializes in data and analytics investments, a thought leader in sports analytics who consults to a number of professional teams, and a sports startup founder. Was a fun discussion as always!

An article I wrote (for Social Earth) about how systematic changes are making the earliest stages of tech entrepreneurship more doable on a global level.

Here is a recent (June 2013) Sport-Technology Panel I moderated about how brands, sports leagues, and technology companies work together. The panel featured representatives from Bleacher Report, AKQA, Turner, and YouTube.

Awesome panel I moderated about innovations in sports gaming, gambling, and fantasy sports with leading executives, investors, and a sports gambling personality. Was hosted by Twitter.

A few minutes  ago, my friend, who does not work in tech, but is interested in starting a business that would at minimum have a strong web presence, texted me:

"I wanna read a bit more about startups (particular web-based stuff). Give me some sweet reads"

Here is a slightly polished version of the email and reading list I sent back:

Even though I spend all day reading about tech startup stuff on the internet, I would say it is not extremely useful in terms of helping with execution. It is way more important to just try to execute your idea and then search around when you have issues or hurdles or you want another perspective about how to complete a task. (Most of the time when you run into an issue, someone has already built a solution or at least written about the issue before)

Having said that, here are the best resources I know to learn basic startup internet business stuff:

I didn’t credit them in the email but many thanks to Tom Eisenmann, Eric Ries, everyone who contributes to Quora, Chris Dixon, Bill Gurley, Mark Suster and Steve Blank for the great content and curation above.